and never look at it again

So you’ve been told you need to build your list.


You’re probably dealing with:

Overwhelm from the process and content.

Frustration with your email service provider (i.e. Mailchimp) sending out your freebie.

Uncertainty about what your audience needs or wants.

With years of experience in email marketing, I’ve worked with large e-commerce brands and grown their lists by hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

AND I’ve worked with newly minted entrepreneurs finding the right opt-in for their business, getting it built and set up correctly so that they never have to deal with it again.

I’ve been there done that. Seen the mistakes. Tested and tested and tested until we found winners.

Now I’ve put it all together in a simple guide for you to cut the time it takes you to get your opt-ins up and running so you never have to look at them again.

  • Learn the best tools to start delivering your opt-in RIGHT NOW.
  • Find an opt-in winner that resonates with your audience without re-inventing the wheel.
  • Get it up and running and off your plate


in this 5 day mini-course