It’s not you. It’s your email marketing program.

You’ve been sending out emails like it’s your job (because it is along with the 5 million other ones on your plate). But you’re not seeing the returns you’re hoping for.

It’s not you. It’s your email program.

Quit wasting time researching and throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks.

Your time is more valuable than that.

Use my experience of sending and testing thousands of emails to your advantage.


Phase 1: Strategy Session

We'll walk through your current sales process and customer lifecycle.

Where your leads are coming from, how you're nurturing those relationships, how you're onboarding them and then offboarding them.

I'll identify and gather all of the data you have on your customers and website visitors.

I turn it into the prettiest map you've ever seen.

Phase 2: Roadmap development

Give me two short weeks and I'll get this map all together for you.

Yes, it's that easy.

It includes:

  • visuals and data of how your customers are getting on your email list
  • how your emails are nurturing new leads and customers and lapsed customers
  • gaps in those communications that we can fill

Phase 3: Roadmap Delivery and Review

We'll book a 60-minute session to review the roadmap step-by-step.

I'll send you the map two days before our meeting so you can review ahead of time.

After our review, we can break out each phase of the lifecycle into packages based on your immediate needs.

    Clients Who Upped Their Email Game


    Inbox Experience Blueprint

    The map of how we’ll turn ho-hum leads into your brand BFFs with an inbox experience that delights without annoying.


    • Understand your ideal customers’ key touchpoints.
    • Nurturing strategies for customers to take full advantage of your offerings.
    • Find key opportunities to drive more traffic and revenue.


    • An entire strategy to delivering high converting, personalized emails to your leads and customers at critical converting moments.
    • A visual map for you to keep and reference going forward with any marketing strategy that needs attention.
      Strategy session to document your sales pipeline.
    • A recorded review strategy session to talk through the map and what it means for your customers and your business.


    Investment: 2 payments of $348.50