Let me nerd out on email for you.


email campaigns launched

million $$ in campaign revenue

email automation workflows built

times I've read the Harry Potter series


Phase 1: Email Lifecycle Roadmap

We’ll gather all of the data you have on your customers and website visitors.

I turn it into the prettiest map you’ve ever seen.

It includes:

  • visuals and data of how your customers are getting on your email list
  • how your emails are nurturing new leads and customers and lapsed customers
  • gaps in those communications that we can fill

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In this phase, we’ll wireframe all of the content we discuss in your roadmap.

Once we nail down themes, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty details.

I write copy and design all of the emails you need for your email marketing lifecycle.


    This is where we put it all into action.

    I’ll set up all of your emails so that they will automatically go out to the right person at the right time.

    That means setting up your database so that we can tag your contents correctly.

    It also means getting your automations up and running in your preferred email service provider.


      Phase 4: QA & MAINTENANCE

      After everything is set up and ready to go, I’ll test all emails and automations.

      We have to make sure all of your data is correct and all automations are triggering correctly.

      Once that is all confirmed, we’ll get it up and running.

      I’ll document how everything is set up for you, and we’ll walk through how each automation works so you know how to maintain it on your own (if that’s your goal).

      I’ll be available 30 days after everything rolls to make sure that everything is running the way you want it to.

        Seriously, People Love Me

        Juuuuuust in case you don’t believe how awesome I am, here’s what other people are saying about me.

        This boss lady is a pro and can automate ANYTHING. …she is a technology wiz and knows how to create a beautiful email.

        Kelly Hartman

        Founder, Boss Ladies Referral Crew

        In just two short meetings, Emily helped me rethink my approach to email marketing and made significant improvements to my templates. She’s a fountain of useful, valuable information and is always looking for ways to save her clients time and effort.

        Lisa Ingall

        Owner, Couragecopia

        Right from the beginning, we felt Emily’s encouragement and passion to guide and educate us throughout the entire process. She took the time to understand our brand, worked diligently and was patient when teaching us. Her passion for email marketing shines through her work and she has passed that excitement along to us!

        Rachelle & Stephanie

        Owners, KaraLyn Street

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