3 Email Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

3 Email Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When it comes to email marketing, learning how to design an email can be tricky.

Sometimes it’s easier to learn from others’ mistakes to learn what to avoid.

That’s why I put together this handy video: Three Email Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


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Hi there. When it comes to email design, having something that is visually easy to read and understand is crucial for your subscribers to take the next action with your brand. I often see emails where it’s difficult to read the text or fully understand what action I need to take from that email to take advantage of the message or the offer. So I put together the top three mistakes I see brands make with the design in their emails and how to avoid them.

No one is mobile responsiveness.

Over 60 percent of emails are read on phones. So if you’re not designing an email for a phone and only on desktop, you’re going to be missing that experience. I see emails that were clearly designed for desktop, and when the email is shrunk down onto a phone, the text becomes difficult to read images sighs Weird. And then it just becomes very confusing on what needs to happen in order for the subscriber to take the action they need to take with your brand.

The solution to that is most email service providers like MailChimp, Active Campaign, HubSpot, whatever it is you use, usually have a preview window so you can see what the email looks like, not only on desktop, but on a mobile device.

So make sure you’re utilizing that feature and making any adjustments necessary so that your emails look amazing. On mobile. Number two is all images. I see emails designed with only images and images are great. They grab your attention visually to bring you into the content.

But designing the entire email and Kenber or Photoshop and then slicing it up into your email service provider can provide a couple of challenges.

Number one, being, again, mobile responsiveness. If you have a large graphic and it it shrinks down onto your mobile device, you have to make sure that the copy is still legible.

The second thing is not all email clients have images auto enabled so they won’t see anything at first when your email comes in. The other issue is for accessibility.

If somebody uses a text to speech app to access their emails, then that text to speech app cannot read the copy on the image. So make sure you are putting alt text on your images in your emails for that purpose. The last thing with all images is the more images you have in an email, the slower it takes for your email to load in an email client. So if somebody has a slow Internet connection, it’s going to take a long time for that email to load and they might not want to wait that long, right?

Those are the mistakes I see made when people use all images in their emails.

The last mistake I see people make is what I call smushed font. Right. It’s font that is so cramped on the email it looks visually overwhelming. And if people look at an email and think that’s too much to read, they’re not going to read it. So making sure you have plenty of space between the lines of your copy is crucial.

If you’re looking for more confidence in your email marketing, go ahead and sign up for my free email makeover. Mini course flourish. Great dotcom slash makeover. See you in the inbox.

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