I rant about email marketing SO MUCH people started asking me to do it WITH THEM. (Wild, right!?)

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Make Your Product Stick with Email

It’s all in the follow-up. Your website and product are your digital doorstep. The world has a short attention span. That’s why you follow up with email. Keep bringing them back to your business and offers with the highest ROI channel.

Personalized Email Experiences (without being a creep)

Consumers expect personalization but it’s easy to freak them out. Let’s talk about the top tactics and strategies to get your subscribers what they want without creeping them out.

How to Avoid Email Beginner Mistakes

I’ve made every mistake in email marketing from sending thousands of email campaigns. I’ll share the worst of them so you can avoid them yourself.

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30 Email Marketing Influencers To Follow in 2020

“Wondering which email marketing bloggers and influencers to follow? Chances are you’re new to the email marketing space and are looking for some brilliant minds to learn from. Or, you’ve been in the industry for some time and want to refresh your social feed.”



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21 Email Marketing Thought Leaders: Our Top Picks

“Emily has a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to email. She’s actively publishing on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram with not just thought leadership items, but also with motivational items.”




Uncovering Hidden Revenue In Your Email List

“Ever wonder why your emails end up in a junk folder? Want to craft irresistibly clickable subject lines? Fancy learning one simple technique you can use to make more money from your email lists? Then this episode is for you.”



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The Soothing Sounds of Email Marketing


For your listening pleasure, here is a sampling of podcast interviews of Emily dishing on her favorite topic: email marketing.

I’m Emily Mcguire

With lessons learned from sending thousands of emails and crafting multi-million dollar email campaigns, Emily loves sharing the mistakes and strategies of email marketing done well.

You’ll typically find me with a cup of coffee in hand because #momlife. When my head isn’t in my laptop, you can find me chasing my kid, reading a book, or binging trashy TV.

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