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Hey, normal human, who is getting roadblocked trying to figure out this whole email marketing and customer lifecycle game.

Between your ten million responsibilities AND trying to tap the potential of email marketing, you're overwhelmed.

You simply need a quick question answered to fine-tune your marketing machine.

That's what Flourish & Grit Office Hours are for.

For only $15, sign up to get your most burning questions answered.

Live and personalized to YOUR situation.



Campaign Strategy

Brainstorm ways to get your next campaign converting.

Marketing Tech

Get recommendations on marketing tech tools that will make your job 100x easier.


List Growth

Strategy and tactics to get your list to take off.

Messaging Review

Get an extra set of eyes on your messaging. We'll talk messaging and revisions in our time together.

Campaign Troubleshooting

Not sure why you're campaigns aren't converting? We'll walk through it.

Campaigns You Need

Identify email campaigns you need to focus on to get the most bang for your buck.



Office Hours are held once/month for an hour.

Check the schedule at the end of the page and find a time that works for you.

Don't see one? Keep scrolling OR send us a quick message through chat (lower right-hand corner).


Prep Your Question(s)

To make the most of our time together, choose one major challenge/roadblock to review together.


Show Up

Office Hours are held through Zoom and are limited to 6 people total. When you enter, cameras will be turned off and mics will be muted.

When it's your turn, you'll be unmuted to ask away.


Time Limits

Depending on how many people show up, we may need to set time limits for each participant. 

If it's a light crowd that day, you may get the whole hour to yourself.


email campaigns launched

million $$ in campaign revenue

Email Service Providers Mastered

times we've watched the entire Schitt's Creek series

Get Expert Advice To

Move Your Marketing Forward

Get More Done Faster

Instead of wasting time googling, get expert advice with step-by-step instructions. All tailored to you and your unique business.

Help Without Long Term Commitment

Instead of hiring an expensive consultant for 6 months, get one-time help for your most pressing campaign.

unblock your marketing

Whatever is holding you back from getting that next campaign out is holding you back from making more money.

Get relevant advice to get your campaign out fast with maximum impact.

Success Stories

I'm Emily McGuire

I'm the Owner and Chief Email Marketer of Flourish & Grit: An Email Marketing and Automation Studio.

As someone who honors the grit it takes to get through this world, I appreciate ways to work smarter, not harder.

With lessons learned over a decade in tech, sending thousands of email campaigns, and earning clients over $80 million in email campaign revenue, I love sharing the mistakes and strategies of email marketing done well.

You’ll typically find me with a cup of coffee in hand because #momlife. When my head isn’t in my laptop, you can find me chasing my toddler, reading a book or binging trashy TV.

Flourish & Grit

Office Hours

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