Emails that matter: responding to racial violence in America

I don’t have the right words for what’s going on in our country right now. (Not) surprisingly, many of us do not either.

But guess what all of us are doing? We’re stumbling through it.

We’re searching for the words to express the anguish, rage, and disbelief at the horror of racism in the United States.

There are companies and individuals taking responsibility for their lack of action and promising to do better.

There are companies who are sending out inauthentic, disingenuous messaging that directly contradicts their business practices.

So what do you do? Do you stay silent? Do you attempt a stab at finding the some of the hardest words you’ve ever had to uncover?

My friends over at ReallyGoodEmails have been collecting some (surprise!) really good emails that brands have been sending out.

Sometimes seeing an email that makes your eyes light up, or makes you audibly say “Ew.” is all you need to get your gears turning.

If you’re paralyzed with trying to figure out something to do, the button below will direct you to some resources that you can donate your time, money, or mind to.

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