Email Inspiration – Moosejaw Welcome Email

This week’s email comes from Moosejaw.

have to give this Michigan-based company a shout out for a couple of reasons.

  1. They’re in Michigan (duh.)
  2. Their email game is STRONG. They send out some of the most fun and entertaining emails. If you’re not signed up for them, go. do. it. now.

Take a scroll, check out this amazing Welcome email and then read the 3 things that make it worth repeating.

Here’s what I love about this email:

HEADLINE:  Look at the big, beautiful headline. They are using simple typography and graphic elements to really make it shine.

THE OFFER: It’s simple, straight forward and right up top in a graphic that immediately gets a reaction from me. Those girls look like they’re having fun. How do I hang out with them????

But seriously. I often find welcome offers buried. Make sure they are visible. It’s usually why someone signs up in the first place. 

SUPPLEMENTAL CONTENT: This welcome email has graphic banners at the bottom that highlights specific elements about the brand they want you to know. They’re proud of the brands they carry and want you to check out their rewards program. 

They are using graphic images for this part of their content. You can also just include large text if visual design isn’t your thing.

Got it? Now. What can you do to play with your emails this week?

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