Email Inspiration – nDash Onboarding

This week’s email comes from nDash.

They’re a content creation platform to hire freelancer writers and influencers. Genius company idea, right?

I loved this new customer onboarding email. As much as people neglect welcoming new email subscribers, they neglect onboarding new clients and customers.

Any time you need more information from a new customer or client, sending them an automated message requesting that information is key.

We often assume too much of our customers. We forget that they are inundated with messaging throughout their day.

Taking a few extra steps to set up their account or make the most out of your product or service isn’t intuitive. 

Customers appreciate some handholding. (And who doesn’t love holding hands!? ?)  

Take a scroll, check out this New Client Onboarding email and then read the 3 things that are worth repeating.

Here’s what you should copy from this email: 


They offer clear steps on how to complete an account with explicit calls-to-action.

Do you innately know how to complete an account every time you sign up for something? 

If you answered yes, please stop bragging. No one likes it. ?

If you answered no, you’re like 99% of the rest of us.

Don’t assume your clients or customers know how to use that fancy new product or service you just sold them. Make sure they know what to expect after placing their order or booking your service.


Look at their icons! They greyed out the incomplete steps.

And look how they made the first one a green check mark!

Clever, no?

I bet as they complete each step, they get a new email with a pretty green check mark next to the item they just completed.

And who doesn’t love a green check!? 

It’s like the adult equivalent of a gold star sticker. So satisfying to check something off of your to-do list.

CTA Button: 

? I like big buttons and I cannot lie.?

Oh, boy. I just did that. In a blog post. That is read by professional people. Yikes.

It’s okay. I can recover from that.

But seriously. Look at the clear call-to-action in this email. 

Do I know exactly what they want me to do? YES! They want me to complete my profile, and in order to do that, I need to sign in to my accounts.

Good one, nDash. Just telling the people how to make the most out of the account they just signed up for.


Now, what can you do to play with your emails this week?

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