Email Inspiration: New Customer Education

Your leads need help and so do your new customers.

Just because they placed an order or signed a contract doesn’t mean you get to just drop them in the middle of your offering.

I mean you could (I mean, I’m not gonna tell you what to do… or AM I???), but it’s a little disorienting.

I spend all day every day in my business. When I worked in-house for brands in their marketing departments, it was the same thing.

I know my world inside and out just as much as you know your business inside and out.

But does your new customer?

Do they know what comes next after they hit submit? Do they know if and what they should prepare for their new order or service?

They need you to hold their hand through their first steps of becoming a customer.

But what does that look like?

Lucky for you, I know some incredible humans who have given me the green light to show you an AMAZING example.

Their names are Laura Garfield and Sharon Gottula of Idea Decanter.

They provide a service called Idea Kit that allows them to tell your stories through remote video production.

They are extremely talented and amazing people. I’m so lucky to know them.

Their challenge:

Their clients are video newbies. They are inexperienced with the process, in front of the camera, and the tech that goes along with it.

When they begin a recording session, they need to catch their clients up to speed on how to make a video ASAP.

Their solution:

They created a 5-day mini-course to teach their new clients HOW to be the best they can be on video.

It makes sense, right? If their clients don’t know how to record a video and they don’t like the results, what’s the chance of them reaching out to Idea Decanter again?

The emails are just plain good content, but they’re highly targeted to their new customers who need them NOW.

Take a look at their series and get inspired to help your new customers.


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