Email Inspiration – TheHustle Welcome

This week’s email comes from The Hustle.

Their business is newsletters. Literally news-letters.

They’re part of the recent boom of daily email news digests. Too busy/tired to read/listen to the news?

Their daily emails send you the headlines plus a little extra from the business world.

Take a scroll, check out this copy heavy Welcome email and then read the 3 things that make it worth repeating.

Here’s what I love about this email:

ALL COPY: There is a lot of discussion about images in email. I get asked about it frequently from people managing their own email campaigns. How many images do you use? How much copy?

It depends on your industry. If you’re a design-driven brand, then yes, visuals are a must.

A copy-only email has its time and place. They can improve your inbox placement for one. They also have a shorter load time on devices. (images take longer to load). That’s important for people experiencing slow internet connections.

FRIENDLINESS: Look how friendly this email is!

I feel like I’m already friends with the CEO of The Hustle. Sam is directly addressing me, the reader and what it means for someone to sign up for emails. 

Giving someone your personal information (i.e. email address) is a trust thing at the end of the day, and Sam put my fears at ease (and makes me LOL)

SHORT AND SWEET This email is concise. 

Big, long blocks of text make people’s eyes glaze over. You expect me to read all of that!?

This email includes LOTS of line breaks and plenty of spacing between the lines. (It’s also called line height.)

Got it? Now. What can you do to play with your emails this week?

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