Email Inspiration – WePresent

This week’s email comes from WePresent.

Take a scroll, check out its amazingness and then read the 3 things that make this email amazing. And how you can replicate those elements today.

Here’s what I love about this email:

WHITESPACE:  Look at all of that white space. Do not be afraid of it. It lets all of the content stand out so incredibly well – including headlines, subheads and links.

Here’s how you can add more white space to your emails:

  1. Add more padding around blocks of text, headlines and links.
  2. Add spacers between each section of the email. That white space will effectively work as a divider. 

ILLUSTRATIONS: I love these big, beautiful illustrations that are wrapped in white space to emphasize a specific theme with the email. It’s a great way to break up different sections of the email. Alternatively, icons work really well to get the same effect. 

Don’t have access to an illustrator? Canva has a ton of different graphics and icons you can use for free.

BEAUTIFUL AND SIMPLE HEADER IMAGE: Did that header image get your attention? Mine too. It’s big, beautiful and simple. It leads your eye down to the introductory paragraph that gets you write into the visually appealing and simple content

Got it? Now. What can you do to play with your emails this week?

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