Email by Emily is NOW Flourish & Grit

The sad news: Email by Emily is going away. ?


The news that will make you unclench: Emily McGuire is not going away. I'll never leave you alone! Muah ha haaaaaaaa!

The news that will make you say “Hm. Why didn't I think of that!?:

Starting December 1st, Email by Emily will be known as Flourish & Grit. (cue trumpets playing that fun announcement type of music, you know the tune I'm talking about.)


Why am I changing the name?

Email by Emily is coming up on her 1st birthday and I'm already done with her. Rude, I know.

Although I know my way around email, I'm still new to this whole owning your own business thing. And with that learning curve, I've realized I want to offer my clients and subscribers more.

Yes, I love giving white glove service.

Yes, I love talking to clients about email.

Yes, I love digging into email problems and help clients figure out how to automate their businesses.

But I want to help more people.

More! More! Give me mooooore!

Unfortunately, I am one person, and they haven't figured out how to clone humans yet (that I know of).That means I have to figure some more creative ways around this.

In 2019, I'm planning on launching online education for all of you hard hustlers out there who are trying to manage email on your own or with a tiny team.

That's where the new name came from. The people I work with are hustlers. They do it all while rocking their favorite shade of lipstick and keeping their businesses and companies together.

It takes grit to work with limited resources. And it takes a village to flourish while doing it.

I want to support your efforts in email marketing – whether that's hands-on help or a little bit o' education.

So Goodbye to Email by Emily. Helloooooooo Flourish & Grit!

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