Find Your Strengths

Do you know your own strength?

You're probably focusing on the wrong things.

I know I have been.

It's very easy to think about all of the things you don't know how to do. 

Email design? Email copywriting? Email content? Automation!?

The struggle is real.

Here's a new thought that was recently presented to me: what are you really really really good at?

No, the answer is not “looking pretty.”

I've found the things I can't quite get into and learned how to ask for help.

But what I haven't learned is how to really capitalize on the things I'm really good at and how to use them to my advantage.

I recently took a Strengths Finder assessment that really opened my eyes.

It gave me my top 5 strengths, and it unlocked something for me.

My top strength: CONTEXT

From the assessment: People exceptionally talented in the Context theme enjoy thinking about the past. They understand the present by researching its history.

That is ME. I like to know where people are coming from so I can see how to move forward.

It helps me see the whole picture (not a tiny snapshot), so I can take into account all of the moving parts.

What do you do with that info? It's helping me dig into how I help my clients by finding the right questions.

Because sometimes finding the right question is better than finding an answer.

Wanna check it out for yourself? The basic assessment is $20 but totally worth it.

After you take it, tell me what you learned!

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm into Harry Potter.

Who doesn't squee with nerd love when it comes to fantasy fiction?

Not you? Oh. Cool. Me neither. (But yes, me.)

On my quest to learn more about my personality, someone recommended trying the Harry Potter House Sorting Hat Quiz. 

Sadly, I am not Gryffindor. But I am a RAVENCLAW. I am shocked. SHOCKED.

Here's what that means according to the quiz: Your personality shows a high degree of work ethic and humility, which are valued among members of Ravenclaw House. 

OK. That makes more sense. 

If you're feeling it, take a look at the quiz and tell me which house you were sorted into!

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