How are YOU showing up in the inbox right now?

How are you showing up in the inbox?

If you have something that will help alleviate fears, reduce stress, or genuinely add value to your customers and subscribers right now, then you NEED to be showing up in the inbox.

There are a lot of fears about coming off as opportunistic right now. And yes, that is definitely something to be conscious of.

For those who are emailing your subscribers daily, it’s probably the best time to back off that cadence if you aren’t providing relevant value right now.

For those who have been timidly sending emails to your list on a monthly or quarterly basis, it’s also time to start thinking about changing your cadence.

People WANT connection right now. They want to feel supported and seen. If you can do that WITH your content or your services or products, then you SHOULD be showing up MORE.

If you can deliver the right message or offer to your audience right now, they’ll remember you forever as being someone who showed up with value.

Don’t let your fear of effing up stop you from being a valued resource for your audience.

Not sure what that even looks like?

Here’s one of my favorite B2B examples from Nutshell CRM:

Here is why it works:


This email is clearly written with subscribers in mind. Nutshell took the time to think through the economic, mental, physical, and organizational pain points their subscribers are experiencing right now and they SPEAK TO THAT.



Notice how many times they use the word “you” and “your”? They are speaking TO their audience in a way that sounds like a dinner conversation.

They aren’t talking about ALL OF THE THINGS going on a Nutshell.

They’re talking TO their subscribers in a genuine, human way.



This is not one giant block of text that makes your eyes glaze over.

They broke up the copy by bolding certain sections, adding a quote section, and highlighting their links in their brand colors.

Oh, and BULLET POINTS. One of the most underrated strategies in b2b email marketing.

It helps break up the blocks of copy so it appears less overwhelming and easier to read.

Learning Opportunities


I’ve got some action-packed email learning coming at you in the next few weeks. Here’s a preview:

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