How much is too much?

The overwhelm. It is real.

I know your pain. I have lofty goals for 2019. When I think about them, they make me feel ambitious and optimistic. When I sit down to plan them out, I start to panic.

It's so much work!

I can't do this all on my own!

What was I thinking!?

Don't worry. I'm here to help you (and myself) work through the goal overwhelm. And what would this blog be if it wasn't email oriented?

Just a blog. (Boooorrrrriiiing!)

So, today we're going to dig into THE BIG GOAL of 2019. I'll follow this up with some other 2019 goals next week. The BIG GOAL deserves it's own blog post. 



That's pretty vague, I know. But it's at the top of everyone's list. Let's break it down into digestible chunks. Here's a bit of homework.

  1. Set your annual revenue goal.
  2. Break that down by month.
  3. What is your average order/client/deal value?
  4. How many orders/deals/clients do you need per month to reach that goal?

Don't worry. I don't expect you to do all that math on your own. Here's a Google Sheet that you can copy to your Google Drive and do the work on your own. (There's even formulas built in to help you along!)

After you evaluate your goals and ideals, you'll need to examine where your business is currently standing. (That's on the spreadsheet too).

If you're not on track to make the goals you want to make, how do you adjust your current numbers? Raise your average order/deal value? Take on more orders or clients? 

Let me show you.


THE QUESTION: How do I raise my average order/client value and/or how do I get more orders/clients?

Let's start with getting more orders/clients. 

You're getting traffic to your site/blog/social accounts but not converting them as well as you'd like.

My first question to you is, how are you inviting your prospects to order/schedule an appointment?

If they're signing up for your emails and the first email they get from you is your regularly schedule content in a few weeks, YOU'RE MISSING OUT!

When someone signs up for your emails, they are very interested in your brand/services/products. Why aren't you talking to them right then!? 

There are a lot of assumptions about your customer if you think the first time they visit your site, they are going to immediately buy. Grab their info and start talking to them immediately.

What do you say?

  1. Introduce your brand/products/yourself.
  2. Remind them why they signed up for your emails. If you don't have a sign up offer (more on that in another blog post), then talk to them about what it says about them for signing up for your emails.
  3. Show off your brand/product and give them the best of what you have to show them.
  4. Make a soft pitch. Don't hard sell them your product or service right away. Show them what you have to offer them (content, examples of work, the best of your products/services.)
  5. Add a sense of urgency. If your sign up offer includes a freebie or discount, give it an expiration date. Then, remind your subscriber of the expiration date 2 – 3 times in a series if they haven't taken advantage of it.
  6. Save your hard pitch until the end. If all else fails, give them your hard sell at the end of your welcome series. Make it sound scare, exclusive and not to be missed.

TIP: Don't say it all in one email. Create a series over the course of 3 – 5 emails.


Increase your average order/client value.

There are a number of tactics to increase your rates and client value. Here's how you do it with email.

Before an order/client is booked:

  1. Upsell. When showcasing a product or service to a prospect in an email, always suggest upsells. What will compliment their product or service? Suggestions are helpful for customers. It lets them get the most out of their product or service.
  2. Giving them a deadline to make their decision. FOMO is real. Giving a customer a deadline will increase their likelihood of completing a purchase and deciding on those add ons. You can even add a countdown timer to your emails!
  3. Unique Value Propositions. This is Marketing 101, but something that not everyone is aware of. Tell them how the service/product will add value to their life. What makes it unique coming from you?

After an order/client is booked:

1. Onboard them. Send post purchase emails to orient them to how your order/shipping/service process works. The more they know how to use your product or service, the more likely they are to use it and keep coming back.

2. Follow up. Haven't heard from a client/customer in awhile? Set a trigger to automate a re-engagement email with them. Sometimes, they want to know you're still thinking about them. Remind them.



Pick one of these projects and get going!

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