I help you convert leads and onboard customers with email automation.

It’s like maaaaagic.

Oh, hai there.

Thanks so much for taking a peek at my fancy email automation roadmap offer. 

Since you’re here, I’m going to assume you’re into some email automation.

Wait, whaaaaaaaaaaat!? Me, too!!!

What a coincidence. IT’S A SIGN!

OK, you have to sign up for this now.

End of sales pitch.

You got me. I wish it were that easy.

wish this whole business-ing thing were that easy. But it’s not.


OK. I’m gonna play psychic here for a sec.

Lemme guess.

You’ve been:

  • Sending out emails one at a time when you get a new customer to onboard them.
  • Manually replying to every contact form inquiry on your website.
  • Adding people to your email list without welcoming or nurturing the new relationship.
  • Thinking about automating some of your messaging but aren’t 100% clear on how to make that happen.

That’s why I developed this roadmap. 

Yes, there is A LOT going on with your business. You have A TON (the technical term) of customer data to organize, and you’re not sure how or where to utilize it.

This roadmap gives you a clear, visual understanding of your customers’ journey with your brand.

Along that journey, we’ll identify key touchpoints that are critical moments for your relationship with your customer.

And then, we’ll figure out how to get your tools to automate ALL OF THE THINGS! (YES!)



Phase 1: Strategy Session

We’ll walk through your current sales process and customer lifecycle.

Where your leads are coming from, how you’re nurturing those relationships, how you’re onboarding them and then offboarding them.

I’ll identify and gather all of the data you have on your customers and website visitors.

I turn it into the prettiest map you’ve ever seen.

Phase 2: Roadmap development

Give me two short weeks and I’ll get this map all together for you.

Yes, it’s that easy.

It includes:

  • visuals and data of how your customers are getting on your email list
  • how your emails are nurturing new leads and customers and lapsed customers
  • gaps in those communications that we can fill

Phase 3: Roadmap Delivery and Review

We’ll book a 60-minute session to review the roadmap step-by-step.

I’ll send you the map two days before our meeting so you can review ahead of time.

After our review, we can break out each phase of the lifecycle into packages based on your immediate needs.

    Seriously, People Love Me

    Juuuuuust in case you don’t believe how awesome I am, here’s what other people are saying about me.

    …she showed me the email marketing roadmap she created for me and I was blown away and wanted to hug her through our google hangout screen!!

    Her attention to detail, the way she listened to what I wanted, and the ideas she has make for such a great experience and I’m so happy I hired her!!!

    Nikki Closser

    Owner, Nikki Closser Photography

    This boss lady is a pro and can automate ANYTHING. …she is a technology wiz and knows how to create a beautiful email.

    Kelly Hartman

    Founder, Boss Ladies Referral Crew

    Right from the beginning, we felt Emily’s encouragement and passion to guide and educate us throughout the entire process. She took the time to understand our brand, worked diligently and was patient when teaching us. Her passion for email marketing shines through her work and she has passed that excitement along to us!

    Rachelle & Stephanie

    Owners, KaraLyn Street


    Email Marketing Clarity Call

    Get clarity around your email marketing program with a one-hour call that will cover:

    • Jumping over the roadblocks you’re experiencing implementing email marketing in your marketing strategy.
    • A quick drill down into what’s actually going on with your email marketing program.
    • Tactics and tools you can use to give your email marketing program a quick kick in the caboose.


    Price: $447

    Email Marketing Roadmap

    A full visual map of your customer journey. From traffic source review to email sign up review to automation onboarding.

    We’ll visualize where your customers are interacting with your brand and come up with a plan on how to convert them and retain them through automated emails.

    Price: $697