Your Future CustomersAre Waiting In The Inbox

Move them to action by ditching your newsletter.

Newsletters are burning you out.

You've been sending out email newsletters because that's what you were supposed to be doing.

They take you a TON of time to put together, but you're still really proud of the value you keep offering your subscribers.

You may even be hearing from folks on your list that they LOVE what you've been sending out.

But you're not getting the business you thought you'd be getting from them.

You're already juggling five million things on your plate, and email newsletters are starting to burn you out.

Should you keep going? Should you totally ditch them?

(Maybe I'm biased but) absolutely not!

There's a better way to send email campaigns that actually work, and it starts with ditching your newsletter.

Newsletters weren't working for me and my clients either.

I was a newbie once who had email thrown on my plate. But with LOTS of practice, making LOTS of mistakes, and getting hands-on mentorship, I've been able to:

million $$ earned email campaign revenue

email campaigns sent

email automations built

times I've read the Harry Potter series

Email Marketing Like a Boss Will Help You:

Feel confident about designing and writing email campaigns.

Come up with a consistent email strategy that moves customers out of the inbox and onto your customer list.


Tackle the tools that have you wanting to weep over your keyboard.

Finally start to see email bring in money

Email Marketing Like a Boss Course

A step-by-step guide to harnessing the power of your list.

Six Lessons to Email Confidence

  • Setting up your email marketing program so that you can make the most of it.
  • Designing and writing better emails that move your audience.
  • Planning what kind of emails to send and what to put in them.
  • An intro to email automation

Put It Into Practice

Tutorials and worksheets that will help you implement strategies, designs, and copywriting techniques.


Email Service Provider Tutorials

  • ActiveCampaign
  • Mailchimp
  • Mailerlite
  • more to come

From Agonizing Over Newsletters to Itching to Send the Next Campaign.

These folks are killing it after completing Email Marketing Like a Boss.


Choose one of two easy payment options. 

One-time Payment

From: $117.00 / month for 3 months


Three Installments

$255.57 $117.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a trial period?

7 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you’re not satisfied with your purchase within a week of starting the course, you get all of your money back. No questions.

How long will the course take?

6 Weeks

There are six modules (one for every week.) Many students are able to complete the course in 6 weeks.

Who is the course best for?

Service and Product-Based Businesses

This course helps small businesses get their email marketing on track.

You might be a marketing specialist, assistant, or coordinator who wants to knock the socks off of your boss.

You might be a virtual assistant or freelancer who wants to expand and crush your service offerings.

You might be an entrepreneur who is wearing ALL of the hats and DIY'ing everything.

These the folks who do best in this course.

I'm Emily McGuire

I'm the Owner and Chief Email Marketer of Flourish & Grit: An Email Marketing and Automation Studio.

As someone who honors the grit it takes to get through this world, I appreciate ways to work smarter, not harder.

With lessons learned over a decade in tech, sending thousands of email campaigns, and earning clients over $80 million in email campaign revenue, I love sharing the mistakes and strategies of email marketing done well.

You’ll typically find me with a cup of coffee in hand because #momlife. When my head isn’t in my laptop, you can find me chasing my toddler, reading a book or binging trashy TV.