You clicked the link!


I've been using something along these lines for years to help plan email campaigns.

After searching for every little detail to include in an email and having to keep searching a website for the right link over and over, it got to be too much.

(Plus, I got a little inspiration from some coworkers who had a similar template.)

This little one-sheet helps you organize your thoughts, your content and everything you need to pop into that email you're planning.

Seriously. Stop using five different places to store your campaign content. Dump it all into this template so when you're ready to build it in your email service provider, it's ready for you to copy and paste.

PRO TIP: Create a task in your preferred project management tool (I love Asana) and copy and paste this info. Name the task your TEMPLATE and copy that task for every new email you plan.

Boom. You just got yourself your very own email planning template.