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Where are you on the email marketing spectrum?

I have found that either side of the email marketing spectrum is afraid to be like the other.

Email Offer Pushers have come to rely on the revenue their emails are bringing in. They’re afraid to invest in more content because they think their revenue will drop.

Email Content Pushers are afraid of turning off their subscribers by asking them for the sale.

They both end up chasing more. More leads. More wasted effort.

Offer pushers end up churning through their email list. They’re left scrambling to replace the subscribers who opted out, because all they do is ask for the sale. They don’t nurture the relationship.

Content pushers end up chasing new subscribers as well because they think email conversions will magically increase if they have more subscribers.

There is a middle ground.

It’s the aligned email newsletter. Email campaigns that nurture people and profits.

Aligned newsletters are able to offer engaging content while guiding subscribers to convert.

They treat subscribers like humans who require reciprocal relationships to bond with brands.

As digital marketers, we get entrenched in our work. Focusing on the goals laid out before us without a clear roadmap of getting there.

Soon enough, we forget that we are talking to actual humans in our campaigns.

With email, it’s easy. We plan, build, and send to a world of crickets with only a few metrics to give us feedback.

So we rely on what’s worked for us in the past instead of rethinking our approach.

There’s more to the world of email marketing than churning out blasé email campaigns.

It lies in the middle of offer and content pushing and shoving.

To find the way forward, you need to know how you email.

Find out in this quiz.


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