Lead Magnets That Convert

You can’t expect people to walk up to your website (that’s what happens, right?) and beg you to take their email address. List building 101: You gotta give some to get some. Offer value in exchange for their email address. (No, “sign up for our newsletter” is not an incentive.) Most often this is called a lead magnet, freebie, opt-in offer, etc.

What does it look like?

It can be a number of things:
✔️ A special offer
✔️A discount
✔️Valuable content like a mini-course delivered through email, an action guide, a checklist, or a quiz.

You probably already have something you’re giving away that people LOVE, but you’re not using it to collect email addresses.

*cough cough* Check out your blog posts.

But it just can’t be ANY free content. It has to be content that aligns with your products or service offerings.

I mean, I could give away a free puppy with every email sign up, but what’s that gonna do for me? (Other than me swimming in puppies. Cute picture, no?)

Here’s what to consider for a lead magnet that actually converts:

📌 Does it offer solutions to a pain point of your ideal client?
📌Can it give them a quick win?
📌Does it easily lead to your offerings (services, products, etc.)?

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

💡 Course creators, offer the first lesson of a course for free.
💡 Top 10 questions to ask before you…
💡 The Ultimate Guide to Buying/Doing/Learning/Achieving
💡 Resource kit for…
💡 The top tips or tools that every _____ needs to know.

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