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A little bit business journey. A little bit personal journey. A lot of bit awkward.



[00:00:00] : Welcome to love this journey uh podcast that’s a little bit business journey, a little bit personal journey and a lot of bit, a lot of it awkward journey. This podcast, we talk about business journeys, careers and personal success says and how we didn’t lose our ship along the way or did we? That’s up for you to decide. This podcast is brought to you by flourishing grit and email marketing and automation studio that specializes in you guessed it customer journey. Welcome. Hi, I am Emily Maguire. I am the owner of flourishing grit and I will be hosting your podcast today so sit back and relax While we welcome our 1st and 2nd guess our second guest. Not first guess. I’m number I first day. 2nd guessed. Yeah. Yes. Number two Shelley Costello Shelly worked in hospitality, theater programming and project management for over 15 years and she’s moving her skills into the marketing world because we need those project management skills. Shelly is a California native but calls michigan her home. Her daily workout is chasing her kid and she loves a good glass of some classy Costco wine. It, I mean it is good. Nobody’s just boxed wine I’ve ever had in my life. Welcome to the podcast Shelly, I’m so glad you’re here. Thank you for having me. You’re a real get I know I know your schedule so busy packed, but I’m so grateful that you could, you know, fit us in. Yeah. You know, it’s not like, I mean I just live like over there over there. Yeah, just outside my door. You’ve pitched a tent in my front yard. I just live uh socially is joining me today from our recording studio, which right now is my living room that doubles as a house double so utilitarian. Um so Shelly, let’s talk, what, what, what brings you to flourish and how’d you get included in this podcast? Let’s tell that story. Yeah. Uh you know, I lived in California for a really long time, did a bunch of stuff that qualifies me to do a bunch of other stuff and I have always been interested in marketing, I love being marketed to, I know that sounds weird but I love like hearing the different types of marketing that come towards me and um you and I met through our four year olds who are then too, but now for um and I had really wanted to kind of move into this marketing world and you were awesome enough to talk to me because I’m super awkward and we decided that this would be a good place for me to start and now it’s been almost a year and I basically like crush it. So yeah, so for all of you who don’t know the Shelly works for me right now. She is an employee, which is weird to say I have an employee and Shelly is my employee, there are also very good friends because you know kids that will do it to you mom ng hardcore and you need a, you need a fellow um person in the battlefield with you, Another Villager, another Villager and Shelly wanted to get into marketing so we’ve been trying it out and guess what shocker she’s good at it, shocker. So um tell me um you know as you’ve been, as you’ve progressed in your career like I mean I think it’s fascinating what you did in California. So I talked to talk to me about what you were doing before you moved to michigan. Yeah, I was so I’d done restaurants training and development and restaurant management for like eight years at a bowling alley that’s really popular called Lucky Strike Wayne’s And it was really a very strange environment because it was in Hollywood, so you have all these like famous people coming to this bowling alley and I was 24, like what’s happening in my life right now. Uh but the Nights are long and exhausting and I wanted to get out of working until three or 4:00 AM. Um so I decided to look in another direction and I got an interview for an internship at AMC theaters and uh the woman who interviewed me, it took like a month because they had so many people interviewing for this job because jobs like that are like gold. Um and I was looking for the corporate office right? Yeah it was for the corporate office in their independent film department which was like brand new at the time um and the VP of that department needed a team, which was me. Um, and we, you know, I helped her grow that department from nothing to helping find films get them on screens and grossing millions of dollars. And it was awesome. So it basically like talk back and forth with independent filmmakers and independent distributors and watched movies all day. I think one year I was, because I had to keep track of all the movies I watched. There’s one year where I watched over like 1000 movies at my desk. Um, and it was super fun and I love movies and the industry is great. But then I met my then boyfriend now husband and uh, he trapped me and I moved to michigan. Just kidding. I love it means the best. We have a 10 year old and four year old and we’re insane. So it’s so fun. So I haven’t told you this story, but Last night, my 10 year old, he’s a sleepwalker. He came to come into our bedroom this morning and he says, do you, did you guys take monkey bear Ray ray? These are his stuffed animals. Did you take them out of my room while I was sleeping? Like, no, we can’t find them. We don’t know what’s going on. We get ready for the morning, go downstairs and his stuffed animals are downstairs under the dining room table. Um, he had, yeah, it’s really scary all the way downstairs without anybody hearing him had the floor, like the bandwidth to carry these stuffed animals downstairs and like, oh my God, so my husband and I are like, we need to get locks on the doors. I don’t know, something. I’ve read stories after he’s been doing this for a very long time. You can just like, we’ll open the front door and just walk out panic mode. Yeah, we up, lock it down, lock it down, clock his door put on nice away. Yeah, so, uh, steel springs. Yeah. So, um, I think it’s really funny because we’ve talked about sort of our career journeys and I went a little bit more of a traditional path where I went to college and then got a master’s degree and um, you didn’t do that, I didn’t do that. No, I had finished high school and just went to the junior college in my hometown for a couple of years. Uh, and then I was like, I gotta get the hell out of here. I moved, I lived in the bay area. I moved down to Huntington Beach. They had a really great community college down there, uh, which is also great because it’s like near the beach and it was always funny, so I did that for a few years. I got my associates degree and then I just went right into restaurant management because I thought I could either do two more years in school or I could just do the job Right now and learn the job while I’m already there. I had already been waiting tables and training team members for, you know, since I was 18 was like, all right, well I’ll just do this. So I just jumped right into restaurant management and I loved it. I mean, I still love, I love restaurants, I love everything about them. But you know, when you get older and then you have some tiny humans, it’s like, I don’t want to not be home and you have to work on weekends. Yeah. Work weekends. Yeah. The sign of getting old. I can’t work. I don’t want to work evenings or weekends anymore. Um Well, I just think it’s funny because we all talk about, you know, how are, especially when you have kids, right? You’re talking about their future and what you want them to do. And it’s like, I mean, so many people who go down so many different paths and are still able to be, you know, fulfilled and successful in what they do regardless of their education. And I just think sometimes higher ed can be a little overrated. Although I don’t have a lot of room to say that because I went through the whole rigmarole, but maybe I do have room to say that because I’ve gotten a peek behind the curtains. Um you know, you have a kid, you, you want him to do what he thinks is best, but you also want to instill in him that like this week we go back and forth at our house too. It’s like, of course I want the kids to go to college. If that’s what they want to do. Uh, do I want them to struggle out there in the world because of a lack of education? Like, of course not. But also if that’s not what they want, I don’t know how I can’t force them to go to college. Right? Exactly. Well, because you also have to think about, you know, you know, I feel like there are two things to career satisfaction. One is finding the things that fit your brain, right? That help you geek out and to, um, finding the way in which you want to do it, that fits your lifestyle. Um, I mean if you’re a great surgeon, you should definitely go to college. Like there are things that you, there are fields that you definitely need. Some of those higher education, you know. But my 10 year old wants to be, he wants to be famous. So like he wants to be a basketball player. You want to be a singer. Like, okay, well you could get a scholarship and do basketball and that will work for you. You could, you could be on american idol. I don’t know. That could work. Yeah. Just get a smartphone and hang out on youtube’s. Yeah. Yeah. These days, what are you talking about? Let’s get on the Youtube and Tiktok, Youtube and Tiktok. Yeah. And push your 10 year old assign, he’ll have his time. Yeah. So that’s um, So I have a question about, you know, what advice would you give others on a similar journey is you? But I think what I really want to ask you is, you know, when, when your kids are 17 and they are looking at, Um, uh, what they want to do after high school and I see that’s already depressing you. Um, what would you now? Because you know, in whatever 10 plus years, you might have a different answer. What, what, what advice would you want to give them? Also assuming that they would listen to you. I certainly won’t be cool enough for them to listen to me. I would tell them that No matter what they decide at 17, they can always do something else. Like if they, I think 17 and 18 is just so young to be putting somebody in a position where they have to pick what they want to do for the rest of their life. So if they go to school for um, marketing and they get a marketing degree and then they get into the marketing world and they do that for a few years and they recognize they want to do bio science or whatever. It’s probably not even a word. But then then they can figure out a path to that. I don’t think that people need to be stuck in one career for 100 years just because that’s what they studied in school now. If you love it or it’s working for you and your family. Unfortunately sometimes people do things they don’t love because everything else around it works, then that’s their decision. But you know, I just think there’s a lot of pressure at such a young age to commit to something because your tastes and interests change as you grow older and those things sometimes don’t work for you or your family. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, I totally agree. I think it’s unreasonable to ask teenagers to figure out the rest of their lives um at such a young age and also like you, it gets people get stuck in that sort of sunk cost fallacy in so many ways in their lives, but like, oh, I put all this time into a career, I don’t want to start over and it’s like, well do you want to be miserable or do you want to actually try and find something fulfilling? Um Absolutely. So, um, so I mean, you’ve just found a fascinating career journey and now, you know, you’re reaching your peak working with me, where do you go from here? Oh man, I gotta say like part of working for me is making sure that people that I work with, I’m totally not like trying to blow smoke up your leader. I would say the same thing. I take it, it’s the best part about a job and like working with teammates who have a great sense of humor and understand where you are in your life. You know, I have a 10 year old toddler, so sometimes I don’t, I can’t hop on something right away, I have to go do X, Y, Z or there’s a doctor’s appointment that just popped up or you know, like having the ability to to not feel scared. Oh my God, my boss that I can’t, I can’t get on until 11 instead of 10, you know, like that type of stuff feels awful. And I’ve worked in environments where it’s like if you’re a minute late, you’re in big trouble. Um or there’s no sense of humor involved in any of it and it’s it’s awful. Um So I see myself making sure that I’m with people that continue to contribute to my growth in a meaningful way and also feel like, you know, I’ll use term feels like family but feel like people that I care about because I don’t really like to be at work and not care about the people that I’m working with. It feels very mhm. That’s like a thing by myself with people I like and care about in an environment that is somewhat flexible, but I can still continue to grow because I’ve been here for 10 months and I’m I’ve learned so many tools and I’m like in that generation of people who didn’t grow up with computers until the end of high school. So sometimes and I’m sure you’re like Shelly, I’m like, how do I turn this microphone on instead of that one? It all sort of feel like a dinosaur, but you know, having learned all of these marketing tools and this technology has been great. Not just because I’m like, oh cool, I’m learning it, but like it gives me some confidence in myself and that I can do new things. Yeah, absolutely. And I’m just real quick. No, I mean if anybody tries to come and put Shelly from me after she’s just talking about how awesome she is. I will cut, I will come after you. But so, and do you love how I just turned that around on me and made it about? Yeah, it’s about you this podcast. Um, no, I mean, yeah, I mean part of learning anything new is just being willing to make mistakes and like it’s all hard, right? It’s all a learning process and it doesn’t matter what it is you’re doing. It’s all a learning process. So if you mess up, you’re never going to try. Yes. Yeah, absolutely. Um, something is better than nothing all the time. Um, so what’s inspiring you right now? Are you reading any books or podcasts or any influencers air quotes Yeah. You know me mobile, those influencers, I just started listening to the burn a brown podcast with Brett cold steve who plays Roy Kent on ted lasso out. You don’t have apple tv, right? I don’t have apple tv. I want to watch it so that somebody who is phenomenal and Roy ken’s character is great. And so, um, I listened to that and then I listen to smart list podcast mostly just because I love Jason Bateman and I love Lorna and I love Sean Hayes and they give me good laughs and I like to laugh. But yeah, like Sean Hayes is the heart of that podcast. It’s just in general, like ice cream inspires me. Ice cream inspires you. I mean how couldn’t it, couldn’t it? All right, now we’re going to transition to our rapid fire fun questions. I got five questions for. You don’t overthink it. You need to um, just give me your first answer that comes to the top of your head. Ready? What’s your go to karaoke song, Whitney Houston. I wanna dance with somebody. Mm my name. You talk to somebody. Um, what are you binging right now? Only murders in the building on hulu. It’s only one I’ve heard about one season. It’s good. Heard about um, you win the lottery. What’s the most frivolous thing you purchase a yacht. Oh, I love that. It’s frivolous in my head. It was like a music label. Like something that would help make me money and I could be, uh, I’m like frivolous, a yacht. I mean kind of a music label just for fun is kind of frivolous. I would say I’ll give you a pass on that one. Music label would be first and then, uh, you’re stranded on a desert island, but you get to choose three things that you bring with you. What are they? Um, an endless supply of ice cream. Okay, because it’s make believe, right, ice cream, um, a Spotify somehow speaker or something. Okay, We’ll narrow down music. I would bring um, my Ben folds music. Oh, I didn’t know you were that into Ben folds. Oh yeah, I’m a big Ben folds, nerd like way too many times. I have this book. Wow, he’s fantastic. He is really good committed. That was to um, and maybe like a towel. I mean, that’s really good. Yeah, don’t, yeah, don’t forget your towel. That’s a classic hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Yeah. So versatile. I love that. It’s good interest and I think I know the answer to the last question. You can only one food again for the rest of your life. What is it that I scream dad. Yeah, brush the hands off. All right, that wraps up episode two. I love this journey. Thanks Shelly for um, letting me force you into being interviewed for this. Um, do you want, do you have anywhere on the internet? So you want people to find you and hang out with you. Oh man. Um I’m really bad at the internet. I think I have instagram. Shelly Schultz Scholz is my, I mean before, but you know, dude, don’t whatever, it’s cool dude, don’t hang out with me. Don’t hang out with me. I don’t care. I’m cool without you or whatever. I don’t need you. I’m 100. All right, that wraps up. I love this journey. Thank you so much for joining us today. You can find this podcast on all podcasting services. Tell your friends. Don’t forget to follow the podcast and give us a like in a review. We would appreciate you and send you so many good vibes, but thank you. Thanks Shelley, It’s time to sign up by.

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