Never lose a lead with an email campaign you’re missing

Engagement through email is golden. Not just golden. It’s sparkly. Really really sparkly.

You know this from Marketing Strategy 101.

Hook your audience in. Engage them. Convert them. Keep them engaged. And let them keep coming back and referring business your way.

That’s your sales cycle laid out for you right there. (You’re welcome).

Our problem usually lies with that initial engagement. Someone’s curious about us but not 100% sure.

So they browse our website checking out our content and if there is something for them they’d like to purchase or book us for.

How do we contact them if they’re browsing?

Spoiler alert: It’s email!

Shocking, I know.

There’s a secret powerhouse campaign in email marketing not a lot of people take advantage of. It can be used in most industries.

It’s called the Abandoned Browse email.

Someone is on your email list, and they browse your site for more information on your products or services.

But they get distracted and abandon their browsing session.

Boom! Send them an email.

Here’s a great product-based example from Harley Davidson.

It’s short and to the point with a CTA button that gets them back in the saddle. The motorcycle saddle. Is that a thing? I’m gonna guess it is.

Sell services? No problem. If you have your services listed on your page, you can invite someone to a schedule a call or a meeting if they browse some of your services.

You don’t have to mention it in the email. No sense in creeping everyone out, but you can trigger an invitation based on that browse.

Here’s the Harely Davidson email to get your juices flowing.





1. Triggered off of website behavior

Someone is interested in their product, so they’re following up to make sure they didn’t forget about it.

They don’t need a lot of other content because they know the contact is already warmed to buying.

2. SUPER simple design

You don’t have to have a fancy designer to pull this type of content off.

The main thing to focus on with the design is to give them the information about what they browsed with a clear call-to-action.

Look at that beautiful orange button and how it contrasts off of the black background!

My eye goes straight to it.

I know how to complete the action they’re requesting I do in the email.

KEEP SHOPPING? OK. Don’t mind if I do!

3. Simple and fun copy.

I love the headline on this email.

Thank you so much for the compliment, Harley Davidson!

I am a very good online shopper. Side note: Should I add that to my LinkedIn skills?

Don’t distract with a triggered email.

Get right to the point to capitalize on the timing.

They told you exactly what they want by looking at it on your website. Now give them a little reminder about it.

Your job = done.

Got it? Now. What can you do to play with your emails this week?

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