a sampling of email marketing campaigns designed, written and/or strategized by Flourish & Grit

Success Stories


email campaigns launched

million $$ in campaign revenue

email automation workflows built

times I've read the Harry Potter series


Client: Mediasite

Industries: b2b, tech, videos

Project type: Email Copywriting

Client: fleetilla

Industries: b2b, transportation

 Project type: Email Copywriting


Client: KaraLyn Street

Industry: e-commerce, jewelry

Project Type: Email Setup, Automation

Client: leMel

Industries: e-commerce, jewelry

Project Type: Welcome Series Setup

Client: Adam & Eve

Industry: e-commerce

Project Type: Welcome Series Setup, Copywriting, Design and Testing.

Note: Adam & Eve is an adult toy retailer. If you are not comfortable with that type of content, please do not view.

Client: Southern Season

Industries: specialty food retail and e-commerce, restaurants

Project Type: Social media and email management.

samplesservice and hospitality

Client: Brittany Bennion Photography

Industry: photography

Project Type: Lead Magnet Strategy, Setup and Design

Client: Indigo Salon & Spa

Industries: hospitality, hair salon

Project Type: Welcome Series Strategy, Design, Copywriting, Setup

Client: McGuire's Barber Shop

Industries: hospitality, hair services

Project Type: Website design and welcome email design, copywriting and setup

Client: Boss Ladies Referral Crew

Industries: membership, professional networking services

Project Type: welcome series strategy, design, copywriting and setup