From no contact to nurturing

Client: Fleetilla

Industry: b2b, transporation

Campaign Type: New Subscriber Nurturing



Fleetilla is a fleet management company based in Ann Arbor, MI. 

As a growing company, their goal is lead generation.

They attended tradeshows and networked where their ideal customers would be.

The problem: they'd collect an email address and start sending them newsletters.

They needed a way to nurture brand new subscribers at their most critical touchpoint – email sign up.



Instead of dropping new subscribers on to an email list and hoping for the best, we built an entire sequence that nurtured the new relationship.

The goals for this campaign.


Increase lead retention


Book discovery calls


Increase brand awareness

I wrote and built an automation that nurtured new leads through their pain points and how Fleetilla provides the solution.

If someone booked a call, they were removed from the sequence.



Low unsubscribe rate


New leads processed

Success Stories