New subscribers turned new clients

Client: Indigo Salon & Spa

Industry: b2c, salon

Campaign Type: New Subscriber Welcome Series



Indigo Salon & Spa is located in Canton, MI in a beautifully restored historical home.

They came to me with the challenge of automated their welcome offers and customer onboarding.

Since that's my favorite part of email marketing, I was happy to take on the project.

They had no Welcome Series, and I had the opportunity to help them introduce themselves to new email subscribers and remind them of the fantastic welcome offers.

We created a series of four emails that delivered their signup offer and then laid a foundation to build brand loyalty with their new subscribers.



Instead of dropping new subscribers on to an email list and hoping for the best, we built an entire sequence that nurtured the new relationship.

The goals for this campaign.


Increase lead retention


Book discovery calls


Increase brand awareness

I wrote and built an automation that nurtured new leads through their pain points and how Fleetilla provides the solution.

If someone booked an appointment, they were removed from the sequence.


Hours/week labor saved


Leads processed

Success Stories