• Email Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing Operations
  • Email Marketing Design
  • Email Marketing Copywriting


  • Daily social media campaigns
  • Weekly email campaigns
  • Email Automations (Abandoned Cart, Welcome Series, etc.)


  • b2b
  • fintech
  • tech

Project Info


Larky is a fintech company that provides time and geo-targeted lock screen notifications for community banks and credit unions.

The technology empowers community financial institutions to reach their members with relevant offers and updates based on their location or timed-messaging.

They completely recalibrated their business model so that they can provide an easy-to-use user interface for their users to take full control of their campaigns.

Larky didn’t just want to dump their new users into their product. They wanted to make sure they knew their way around so that they became power users, and in turn, long-term users.


A new interface needed a new onboarding approach. To quickly implement this, we created an email campaign to educate customers on the platform.

The goals for their email campaigns.

  • Onboard new users into the platform.
  • Educate users on how to navigate the platform.
  • Create power users to improve customer retention.



That resulted in a 7 email sequence that walked users through each step of getting their first campaign set up in the portal.

These campaigns were timed 2 days apart with the option to get the next immediately by clicking a link.