Captivating leads with captivating video

Client: Mediasite

Industry: b2b, tech

Campaign Type: New Subscriber Nurturing



Mediasite is a video management platform SaaS company based in Madison, WI.

They came to me to help them improve their email open rates.

Like many b2b tech companies, they produce powerful, relevant content. However, they had a strong need to produce qualified leads from that content.

When evaluating an email program, many people look at their open rates first. There is a much larger picture to look at in order to understand how email can truly catch a subscriber's interest and convert them into a customer. 



We mapped their entire customer journey and discovered many email campaign opportunities to nurture new and warm leads to make them hot.

The goals for these campaigns.


Nurture new leads from lukewarm to hot


Increase awareness about a breadth of video capture products


Target messaging to their four pillar verticals: healthcare, education, corporate, and events.

I wrote several email campaigns for them of about 5-7 emails for each sequence.

Below is a sampling of one of those campaigns.