Promotional Resource Group


Promotional Resource Group


  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing Operations
  • Email Marketing Design
  • Email Marketing Copywriting


  • Email campaigns written and designed
  • Fully migrated and set up Email Service Provider


  • e-commerce
  • retail
  • custom swag

Project Info


When the pandemic hit, PRG’s primary customers were marketers.

They helped marketers stand out at trade shows with high-quality, custom swag.

After trade shows disappeared practically overnight, they were able to pivot to providing employee-centered swag for the massive shift to virtual work.

Changing markets takes time, and they needed a way to get the word out that who they served had changed as much as how they serve.


We reinvigorated their email marketing program by cleaning up their database and sending thought leadership-oriented campaigns to warm up their email list.

The goals for their email campaigns.

  • Reactivate their old list of contacts.
  • Nurture to a sale without hitting subscribers over the head with it.
  • New deals registered.



We warmed up their old list with content-focused campaigns.

That content revolved around engaging employees AND customers virtually through custom, high-quality swag.

That meant giving their audience ideas on what kind of swag to send for specific occasions and purposes.


The Results:

Several positive replies that these campaigns were a “breath of fresh air”.

One $40k deal was booked after 2 email sends.