Rock Paper Scissors


Rock Paper Scissors


  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing Operations
  • Email Marketing Design
  • Email Marketing Copywriting


  • Email Content Calendar
  • Email Campaigns planned, written, designed, and executed.


  • e-commerce
  • retail
  • b2c

Project Info


Rock Paper Scissors is a Michigan-based retail and e-commerce business specializing in snarky gifts.

They came to me to activate their email marketing program from newsletters to automation as they built out their e-commerce presence.


We provided them with a roadmap to help them capture more revenue with their emails along their customer journey.

Then, we executed numerous automated email campaigns as well as their weekly newsletters.

When we got up to full speed, we were able to help generate 20% of their e-commerce revenue from email alone.



After getting their email service provider set up and in shape, we were able to develop email campaigns that nurtured the buying journey.

Those campaigns were able to reflect Rock Paper Scissors’ unique snark that their customers love while promoting their products.

A fan-favorite campaign was a monthly birthday gift idea campaign that highlighted gifts appropriate for the celebrated zodiac sign.