Southern Season

Southern Season


Southern Season


  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing Operations
  • Email Marketing Design
  • Email Marketing Copywriting


  • Daily social media campaigns
  • Weekly email campaigns
  • Email Automations (Abandoned Cart, Welcome Series, etc.)


  • e-commerce
  • retail
  • gifts hospitality
  • specialty food

Project Info


Southern Season is a specialty food retailer brick and mortar with an e-commerce presence as well as an adjoining restaurant and cooking school located in Chapel Hill, NC.

During my time as a Social Media Coordinator they were going through a high growth phase – expanding to new markets in Mount Pleasant, SC, Charleston, SC, Richmond, VA, Raleigh, NC and Charlotte, NC.

Since then, they have gone through some ownership transitions and are now permanently closed.

I handled over 30 social media accounts for all locations and their adjoining businesses. I also strategized and executed their email strategy.


Segmentation of a variety of markets and business categories became the name of the game.

The goals for their email campaigns.

  • Deliver geo-targeted messaging.
  • Keep subscribers warm and on the list.
  • E-commerce and retail sales.



We sectioned off each week to deliver emails that targeted each of our goals.
One email for engagement (usually involving a recipe), one email that promoted in-store services/products, and one email that drove e-commerce sales.


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KaraLyn Street

Set Up to Capture More Revenue

Client: KaraLyn Street

Industry: e-commerce, jewelry

Campaign Type: Welcome Series



KaraLyn Street is a handmade jewelry company based in Michigan.

I worked with KaraLyn Street during their transition from an Etsy shop and craft fair vendor to a full e-commerce brand.

Of course, that involves a an email strategy that matches their unique style.




A quick start email program means a basic email template, sign up offer, and welcome email.

The goals for this campaign.


Capture email addresses from website traffic.


More orders from first time site visitors.


A template to build off of.

We created an email sign up pop up for their homepage and welcome email that invites users into their brand.



Adam & Eve

From Stale to Staggering Revenue

Client: Adam & Eve

Industry: e-commerce

Campaign Type: Welcome Email



Adam & Eve is America's largest online adult toy retailer located in Hillsborough, NC.

I came in to a team of seasoned marketing professionals who needed some fresh takes on their content.

One of their highest revenue-generating campaigns was the welcome series. As any marketing pro knows, you can't let campaigns go stale. Even when they're performing well, they can always do better.

The problem is deciding where to start with a campaign refresh. The copy? The design?



When in doubt about the best next steps, test.

The goals for the test:


Increase revenue


Increase clickthrough rates


Nurture new leads

We tested several variations of the welcome email to accommodate design, copy and offers.

They ran for months to allow for enough data to determine a winner.

The campaign featured here was that test winner.



Increase in Clickthrough Rate



Increase in Revenue

Success Stories