Brittany Bennion Photography

New clients on-brand

Client: Brittany Bennion Photography

Industry: b2c, branding photography

Campaign Type: New Subscriber Nurturing



Brittany Bennion is a branding and family photographer located in Ann Arbor, MI.

Brittany's photography style is always vibrant and easily captures the emotion of her shots.

I was excited when Brittany approached me to help her develop some opt-ins for her business.

The problem: she wanted something polished and professional that also spoke to both types of her offerings (branding and family photography).


We kepts her opt-in language general on her home page and were then able to funnel people into their preferred vertical after signing up.


Nurture new website leads into photography clients.


Book new clients.


Educate leads on the value and back end of a photo shoot.

We developed this opt-in offer “5 Steps to Photos You'll Be Dying to Show Off.” It sent a different step over the course of 2 weeks.

I coached Britanny through the writing and then I developed her templates and then designed and set up the emails.