RECYCLE EMAIL CAMPAIGN – your time saving secret weapon

The only people who read and remember every word of your email campaigns are your mom and grandpa.

That’s why the most underrated emailmarketing strategy is to REPEAT YOUR EMAILS.


Let’s say you have a 25% open rate on your emails. (A decent open rate).

That means 75% of your audience didn’t even open your email to read it.

Of the 25% who DID open your email, not everyone read the ENTIRE email.

And EVEN IF THEY DID READ your email, did they RETAIN the information?

I’m gonna take a guess here and say NOPE.

RECYCLE your content and your email campaigns.

Not only does it lighten your workload, but it can take multiple times to see something before your audience ABSORBS the information and then takes ACTION.

What does that look like?

Repeat your offers in every single email you send. Don’t expect everyone to remember what you sell.

Repeat your CONTENT a few times a year. Yes, that can mean sending out THE SAME EXACT EMAIL every few months. (Freshen up the subject line and no one will know the difference).

Stop re-inventing the wheel every time you send out an email campaign. Give yourself a break and recycle an old email.

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