Resource List: Diverse Stock Photography

Business is not as usual.

This year, we have scrambled to change our physical spaces for work.

The recent weeks have asked us to change the mindset of how we work.

To change what we assume about who we work with and who our customers are.

The change is internal. It’s harder to wrap your hands around. It’s harder to see.

But we can make small tweaks.

One area I’m looking at and helping my clients with is finding stock photos that feature more people of color.

More representation of whom they serve.

Don’t assume you know the entire racial and ethnic makeup of your customer base (unless you’ve personally interviewed every last customer).

It matters to have your audience see themselves reflected in your imagery.

It’s one small change. One more thing to dig a little deeper into, but worth it.

Below is a crowd-sourced list of excellent resources that feature models of color. Some are free and some are paid.

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Diverse Group of Faces


Create Her Stock


Adobe Stock


Vice - Gender Spectrum Collection



Getty Images #ShowUs

Eye For Ebony

She Bold Stock

Unsplash Diversity Collection



Black Illustrations

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