The #1 mistake new businesses make with their email lists

I’ve met a lot of budding entreprenuers. Most of them have that wide eyed look in their eyes when we start talking emails. They know they need to get on it or they’re struggling through the work load of sending out a monthly newsletter.

We get to talking about what it is I do (hint: it’s email marketing), and what I love to do (double hint: it’s automated emails), and the first thing I ask is whether or not they have a welcome email.

Shocker: they don’t.

Quit plopping your new subscribers into your email list. You’re starting them halfway through a conversation about your childhood best friend’s recent break up and they just walked up to you and introduced themselves. Disorienting, no?

What I tell everyone is to start with a welcome email. There is so much power in that first email. It’s your chance to introduce yourself and your brand to new leads or customers. 

I know you have a website with every detail about your business (and if you don’t, that’s another conversation). Here’s the deal, people spend, on average, about 2 minutes on your website before they sign up for your emails.

I just made that up about the 2 minutes but it is a lot less time than you think

They do not read “About Me” page with the novel of how you realized your mission in this life was to finally sell off the Beanie Babies your parents invested in during the ’90s.

They do not read comb your services section to see if you can build a new app for them that incorporates their passion for flux capacitors.

So when someone signs up for your emails, it’s like they’re waving “hello” at your website





When they are visiting your page and signing up for your emails, this is the *most engaged* someone will be with your brand at the beginning of their customer journey.

When they sign up, they are waiting for you to wave back. Why aren’t you waving back? You’re leaving their high five hanging in the air!

Send them a wave. Introduce yourself and your brand. And while you’re at it, tell them WHY they need to purchase from you RIGHT NOW.

If you do, you’re eyes will be bulging at the sales/calls/appointments that come in.