The Ultimate Email Copywriting Tip That Will Connect AND Convert

The Ultimate Email Copywriting Tip That Will Connect AND Convert

Copywriting scares me. It’s hard to get the tone and value down pat so that people LOVE to read what I have to say and want more.

After years of toiling away, making a lot of mistakes, I finally hit on the secret sauce.

Check out this video on how to finally start writing email copy that connects with your audience AND converts.

You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it first.


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Hi there, I helped businesses turn gawkers into buyers often when I talk to people about email marketing. They talk about being very overwhelmed with writing emails. So I have one copywriting trick that will absolutely change the game for you and make it 10 times easier for you to write that next email. So that tip is always ask yourself what’s in it for them. Also known as having empathy, put yourself in your subscriber’s shoes.

I often see emails that are solely focused on the brand.

They talk about themselves relentlessly without even acknowledging their subscribers.

I also often see multiple calls to action and an email that can be overwhelming for subscribers, make their decision easy and let them know that the exact next step they need to take with one call to action. I also rarely see benefits or outcomes for a product or service they’re offering. They just say they have the product or service, but don’t connect the dots between how it’s going to benefit their email subscriber. When you ask yourself what’s in it for them, you put yourself in your subscriber shoes.

You’re asking yourself what’s their problem that they’re facing and how do you provide the solution to that problem? How is your service or product going to make their life better? By putting yourself and your subscribers shoes you create copy that moves them to take action with your brand.

If you’re ready to take a slice out of the overwhelm of the highest, r.i, marketing channel. I have a free guide available for you to boost your open rates. And less than 30 days. Just head over to flourish. Gret dotcom slash open. See you in the inbox.

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