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data-backed Email Marketing & CRM services

Take your contacts from lukewarm to loyal.


As a marketer and/or executive leader you’re looking for ways to convert your contacts at a higher rate.

Don’t ignore your gut if you’re feeling like your list is underutilized.

Your Email Service Provider/CRM is a black hole.

There are two common struggles that many modern businesses battle.


  1. An Email Service Provider/CRM that has more features than you know what to do with.
  2. A cluster of data, campaigns, and automations that need untangling.

Your campaigns aren’t converting at the rate you’d like.

The conversion rates on your campaigns aren’t going to get you to your goals.

We all have revenue goals we’re trying to reach.

I’ve seen email make 20% of a business’ annual revenue.

Your email strategy has plateaued.

You’ve exhausted your usual tactics and can’t see how to make your email marketing produce greater results.

It’s time for a different approach. It’s time to call in a fresh, expert set of eyes to carve a new path forward.

Catch & Convert email marketing

Create an email marketing program that nurtures people and profits.

Align + Guide

Help your subscribers convert by connecting your goals with theirs, helping them focus and guide them to convert.

Ramp Up + Refine

Get your emails out with less stress and more collaboration with processes, procedures, and data to guide the way.

Define Relationships

Make your subscribers sticky by breaking down their customer journey and nurturing stages.


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Success Stories


Plain and simple, we help you create, retain, and sustain powerful customer relationships.

We start every new client with this package. After we complete the first project, we can help with either consulting services or email execution services (depending on your needs).

Catch & Convert Roadmap

Email Marketing Audit + Strategy

A full-stack email marketing audit and strategy that looks at your entire customer journey to determine how to connect and convert your subscribers through every step of their buying journey.

We’ll help you break down the barriers to engagement by identifying actionable insights that will take your email program from good to great.


  • Audit and documentation of your email program with recommendations on how to improve your messaging, design, and campaigns.
  • A full-stack strategy of how to build a high-quality list and convert more subscribers.
  • Campaign and template recommendations to guide you to your goals.
  • Recommended Campaigns and Messaging
  • Email template review and refreshed wireframe

Catch & Convert

Email  Marketing & CRM Consulting

Flourish & Grit will provide consulting and project management support while you execute email campaigns.

We’ll guide your team to email marketing excellence with expert support at your side.


  • Bi-weekly project and strategy sessions
  • Email and phone support for troubleshooting.
  • Project tracking and reporting.
  • Gets it done instead of stalling out

 Pricing starts at $1,500/month


Catch & Convert

Email Marketing & CRM Implementation

Flourish & Grit will handle the strategy, execution, and management of your email campaigns.

We’ll guide your team to email marketing excellence with expert support at your side.


  • Email Conversion Copywriting. Messaging that lands just right in the inbox.
  • Email Design. Design and development specific to the world of email. 
  • Email Deployment. Sent to the right person at the right time through scheduled sends or automations. 
  • Email Operations. From database management to editorial calendars. Everything you need to get high quality emails done faster.
  • Email Strategy. Continued strategy support through our engagement.
  • Regularly Scheduled Check-ins. Remove roadblocks and keep things moving fast.

 Pricing starts at $2,000/month



We’ve worked with almost every tool out there. We can help you audit, build and automate your email program in the system you’re most comfortable with.

Here are just a few we’ve mastered:









and many more…

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