You have a lead magnet, now what?

You have a lead magnet, now what?

One of the most common mistakes I see brands make is generating an AMAZING lead magnet or opt-in offer. They build it and publish it to their website, and then… nada.

Like it’s supposed to magically send out alerts to all potential customers immediately, and they’ll start flocking to your site to sign up.

You have to GENERATE traffic to your email opt-in offer/lead magnet.

Promoting it will get eyeballs on that beautiful offer you just created.


Here are a few ways to consider promoting your lead magnet:


① Ads

This will start supercharging your email list growth ASAP. Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Pinterest ads are great options.


② Post It On Social Media

Give your lead magnet a dedicated social media post AT LEAST once/month.


③ Use It as a Content Upgrade

Include it at the end of your social media posts as a way to upgrade your social content.



Every time you are IN FRONT of your ideal audience (speaking engagements, sponsorships, etc.), mention it. (Shorten the URL so people can easily access it).


⑤ Make It Easy to Find

Make it big and clear on your HOME PAGE. Don’t expect people to hunt for it.


⑥ Pop-Ups

Test different pop-ups on your website for email sign up. There are *many* different types of pop-ups and ways to trigger them. Test them out to see what works for your audience.

(Yes, I KNOW people say they’re annoying, but the data suggests otherwise).


Now, what can you do to supercharge your lead magnet?

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